More than 25 years experience

Bruno Mountain Advisory, LLC is an Independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm based in Bend, Oregon with clients throughout the world. We focus on all aspects of the client experience and provide an unparalleled intimate service. We have found that clients are more global than ever - and they need a firm that has international experience and exposure. Additionally, our approach is not for everyone - we go deep and develop stronger bonds than traditional financial wealth management firms.

We operate in a fiduciary capacity and do not have incentives to recommend any particular products or investments. We use multiple custodians, manage private and public investments, work with other client financial management firms and do not need all of a clients' assets in our firm. We are an independent boutique investment advisory firm free from the numerous conflicts of interests inherent to larger organizations.

Becoming a client

Our relationship is with our client, not their money.

Our Investment Services

Bruno Mountain Advisory has a strong focus in alternative investments.
We utilize research from a variety of sources to incorporate into our portfolio composition.
We have found that wealth creates many friends, some dear and some long lost.
People only need to plan their estate when they have wishes and interests on how they want to see their legacy continue when they are deceased.
Bruno Mountain Advisory, LLC offers financial solutions customized for a wide variety of clients.