Our Advisory Services

Gate Keeper

We have found that wealth creates many friends, some dear and some long lost. We serve as gate keepers for our clients. For those who have just found wealth through a business sale, inheritance, etc or for those that have always had wealth the need is the same. When friends and family come asking for a loan or an investment in a new business idea, having a gate keeper is extremely important. This allows clients to keep their important relationships intact without having to be the ones to say no.

“This sounds interesting Doug. Why don’t you talk to Justin and walk him through the concept.”

Once people know that they need to “pitch” to a professional, many of these asks fizzle out before any unwanted drama can ensue. And, if your best friend does have an amazing idea, we can help craft an arrangement that protects both of you and your future relationship regardless of what happens with the business or investment.

Strategic Cash Flow Analysis

We utilize an extremely comprehensive financial modeling software that allows thorough, dynamic, and customized cashflow scenarios specific to each client. We incorporate all asset classes into this planning opportunity. This allows for real-time decision making ability for our clients as new business opportunities arise or sudden investment opportunities present themselves. For clients with multiple entities (trusts, companies, personal accounts) we can aggregate and separate information for even more specific analysis. Our software provides the foundational documents for banks, personal balance sheets, and individual profit and loss statements.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and will/have sold or acquired companies throughout their career. We offer deep experience in mergers and acquisitions, work side by side with CPAs and attorneys, help with strategic negotiation if necessary, and provide a more intimate analysis based on the clients’ overall picture. The CPA looks specifically at the tax piece. The attorney looks specifically at risk mitigation. We incorporate all of these facets into our analysis and can help piece their findings into a high level recommendation. By already understanding the financial underpinnings of our clients we are able to help guide them to results that align more fully with their overall well-being.