Legacy Planning

This is how we see estate planning.  People only need to plan their estate when they have wishes and interests on how they want to see their legacy continue when they are deceased.  All of the people that we have ever met have interests and desires for their wealth.  Some are very simple and some are extremely complicated involving Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Family Partnerships, strategic use of gifting exemptions, and multiple entities/family members.  We can help advise the most appropriate next steps in any of these scenarios.

And some people have unorthodox, or unconventional, ideas regarding their legacy.  We embrace the out-of-the-box individuals, and families, who have passion that go against the norm.

Your wishes are the most important – we are here to determine the most cost effective and efficient way to make those wishes occur.  We have an extensive network of partners in the legal, business valuation, accounting and insurance areas that we utilize in our planning process.

We assist clients in the development and implementation of philanthropic plans, multi-generational wealth transfer strategies, education funding and estate planning.

We can charge a flat rate fee for financial planning – or we will include this work with clients who engage us with their entire wealth picture.  We have found that a customized proposal for financial planning is critical for client success.  Anything less does not provide a comprehensive support structure for our clients.  Once we have a complimentary meeting, Bruno Mountain Advisory will provide a unique proposal for review and acceptance.  See our comprehensive fee structure and discussion here.