Bruno Mountain Advisory Fees

Bruno Mountain Advisory, LLC operates in a fiduciary capacity and we do not receive an incentive to purchase or sell any investment brand or product.  The only driving objective is to make unbiased investment advice that is in the best interest of the client.  We are an independent boutique investment advisory firm free from the numerous conflicts of interest inherent to larger organizations.

We have found that charging an asset-based management fee provides the best value and integrity for our clients.  To put it bluntly, we make more money if our clients make more money.  And more importantly, we make less money the less money our clients make.  A very simple mantra that all wealth management firms should live by – we are in this together.  An asset-based management fee is a quarterly fee charged on the assets that we manage for our clients (public and private.)  This fee ranges on size of the client holdings and complexity of their overall financial world.  Clients should expect a blended fee for all services rendered from .5% to 2.0% annually.

For those clients looking for more specific advisory services, rather than an ongoing comprehensive financial relationship, we also offer hourly and project work.  Our average per hour rate is $500 but can be negotiated for project specific work.

We view our relationships in terms of decades, not years or transactions.