Private Investments

Bruno Mountain Advisory has a strong focus in alternative investments.  These investments offer a diversified approach to risk management and overall portfolio return.  Due to our long history and deep interest in this space we have extensive resources throughout the private investment world.  This results in deep deal flow as well as expert resources to analyze and advise on deals coming directly to clients.  We offer in-depth analysis and advice regarding deals brought to clients from others.

Direct Private Placements

We provide due diligence services when evaluating direct private placements (direct equity ownership stake in private business, purchase of illiquid assets, etc.) We serve as the main liaison between seller and other trusted advisors (legal, CPA, appraiser, etc) and provide a thorough analysis with our clients’ interest in mind. Additionally, once an investment has been made we handle all performance tracking, correspondence and monitoring. We incorporate quarterly updates into our overall reporting.

Private Debt Obligations

We provide opportunity to our clients for short term securitized debt obligations. This can come in the form of an operating line of capital for a business securitized by personal or business assets, or a short-term private debt secured by real estate, or bridge financing opportunities. The majority of our private debt obligation investments are sourced through vetted contacts of Bruno Mountain Advisory, LLC and its strategic partners.

We conduct all due diligence, work with our attorney team to securitize and legalize contracts, and accept and track payments/deal obligations for our clients.

Private Equity/Hedge Funds

We have an extensive network of private equity and hedge fund opportunities. These are through our own personal Bruno Mountain Advisory network, through other partner Advisory Firms, or our current clients. These offerings range from technology opportunities to Developing African Business Opportunities and everything in between.

Additionally, we have the ability to “aggregate” clients into different fund opportunities through our strategic partners and can leverage a higher overall investment amount in the fund. This allows us to negotiate lower minimums or provide incremental investment benefits to our clients.

Financial Aggregation Software

Private investments can be a great uncorrelated asset class to traditional public investments. However, without proper tracking and real-time analysis it can be hard to understand the true impact these assets can have on an overall wealth picture. We use highly sophisticated financial aggregation software that is extremely customizable to each of our clients. While this software is traditionally used with single family offices and large investment firms, we find it invaluable for our more sophisticated clients. We can aggregate all public and private investments (regardless of the type) into one tool that allows for data manipulation between entities, tax jurisdictions, illiquid and liquid assets, and estate planning vehicles.